Are Bread Machines Worth It?

Bread machines aren’t exactly the cheapest piece of equipment on the market. This can lead some to ponder – are bread machines really worth it? 

I’d say if you bake bread regularly, a bread machine can be an excellent investment you won’t regret.

Hi! I’m Michelle, and let’s just say that bread wasn’t always my forte. While I can make loaves of bread with and without a bread machine now, I can confidently say that bread machines make life 100% easier. 

You’ve come to the right article if you’re on the fence about buying a bread machine. Today, I will explain all of the different reasons why bread machines are worth it. Of course, I won’t be biased either – there are a few cons hiding below.

Let’s talk about bread machines and why they’re definitely worth it.

Are Bread Makers Worth It?

In my honest opinion, I believe that bread machines are worth it. But who am I? (I’m Michelle, by the way – look above). 

But I understand that’s not enough to sell you a new bread machine. You want to know the facts, and I’m lying down some truth. 

7 Advantages of a Bread Machine

There is a seemingly endless stream of benefits for bread machines. I’ve narrowed down the most important ones so you can make a decision that’s right for you.

1. Convenient and Easy to Use

The biggest plus is undeniably the convenience. Mixing, kneading, and waiting tirelessly for your dough to rise can be exhausting, especially if you make bread regularly (or plan to).

A bread machine puts the days of fatigued hands to rest. When using a bread machine, all you have to do is place your ingredients inside, and the machine does the rest. Yes, it’s that easy, and bread comes out perfect (most of the time) without you needing to do a single thing.

The best part is, that plenty of bread machines come with timers, so you are in total control of when your bread *actually* gets done. So, if there’s nothing like the fresh scent of baked bread to wake you up in the morning, you will be glad to have a bread machine on your side.

Some machines also come with automatic fruit and nut dispensers as a bonus. That said, you can make this impossibly delicious chocolatey walnut bread without thinking about adding the ingredients. 

The machine does it all for you – you just have to sit back, relax, and sip your caramel macchiato.

2. Easy to Clean

Okay, making homemade bread can be fun, especially if you get your kids or friends involved. But regardless, it’s going to cause a big mess. Hello, flour explosion all over the kitchen countertop!

While I am a pretty neat and tidy baker, there is no stopping flour and bits of dough from ending up every which way. It’s just the way it is.

But when you use a bread machine, you don’t have to worry about the big messes. If that’s not enough to sell other moms like me, I don’t know what is. Really, though, this is a big plus for everyone that hates to clean their kitchen (so, basically everyone – smile).

3. Gives You Full Control Over Ingredients

More people have become health-conscious in recent years, and the Covid-19 pandemic only escalated these newfound #healthgoals. One way to ensure you’re eating “healthier” is to make things from scratch at home, including bread.

If you’re someone who enjoys being in charge of their ingredients and knowing exactly what’s going into their food, you will love having a bread machine. From simple to complicated recipes, you have the reins, leaving you confident in every bite.

4. *Can* Be Cost-Effective

Now, I emphasize can that it might not be cost-effective for everyone. For instance, someone who makes a loaf of bread once a month might not find a $100 bread machine worth the investment.

On the other hand, if you make bread regularly, you will see this as a cost-effective solution. This is especially true if you’re a connoisseur of the fancier, more expensive bread that can cost over $10 at the local bakery.

5. Saves Time

Trying to make bread on a busy workday sounds like a nightmare – can I get an amen? When you use a bread machine, you don’t have to fuss with the mixing or kneading, which means less time spent in the kitchen.

Now, keep in mind that bread machines still have to accomplish these things. However, there’s a trusty timer. So, if you add ingredients in the morning and want them ready to be consumed by the time you’re off work, you can do that.

You can also use the “rapid” bake available on some bread machines. This will significantly cut down on the time required to make your favorite loaves.

6. Newbie-Friendly

I was a beginner once, too, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Bread is challenging, regardless of what recipe you’re using.

But why spend countless hours pulling out your hair, wondering, “What went wrong?” with your bread recipe?

Consider a bread machine if you’ve tried, tried, and tried again with negative results. They’re super easy to use, and even though they’re not foolproof and you can run into problems, they’re a lot easier to fix. Plus, there are beginner-friendly bread machines

7. Potentially an All-in-One Appliance

Some bread machines are just that – bread machines. They’re built to do nothing more than craft delicious loaves of bread for you and your loved ones.

Others? They’re all-in-one appliances that will knock your socks off. No, really. Many bread machines also come with other handy functions like yogurt, jam, scrambled eggs, and cake. 

4 Disadvantages of a Bread Machine

Okay, so it’s not all sunshine and rainbows for bread machines. There are some drawbacks to consider.

1. Slightly Different Results

Bread made in a bread machine is not created by hand. Therefore, it can lack some of the allure of truly homemade bread loaves. While the differences are negligible, some finicky bread eaters or perfectionists might not be impressed.

2. Bulky

Even the smallest bread machines aren’t exactly “darling” and “compact.” While there are models that won’t take over half your countertop space, most tend to be on the bulkier side and take up a decent amount of room.

This may not be ideal, depending on the size of your kitchen.

3. It’s Not Foolproof

Just because you’re using a bread machine, it doesn’t mean your loaves of bread will be perfect. While there is far less room for error, there is still that chance of ending up with bread that’s gummy, collapsed, browned, etc.

4. Can Be Noisy

Some bread machines are noisier than others, but one thing remains true across the board: there will be some noise level when using a bread machine. That’s thanks to the motor inside, which causes noise and vibrations that can get quite intense.


What’s the verdict? While I think everyone will agree with a resounding “Yes” when it comes to whether or not a bread machine is worth it, you have your own opinion. If you’re still unsure and want to learn more, check out these must-see frequently asked questions.

Is it cheaper to buy bread or make it in a bread machine?

It is cheaper to make bread in a bread machine than buy it from the store. This is especially true if you buy fancy, more expensive bread or you need bread regularly.

Is it better to make bread by hand or by machine?

Really, it comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer the results of bread made by hand while others are a-okay with the results from a bread machine. 

There are only slight differences between the two, though. If anything, use the device to knead and use your oven for baking.

How much does the breadmaker cost to run?

Breadmakers do not require a whole lot of energy to run, so you can safely use your bread machine regularly without seeing a spike in your energy costs.

Final Words

A bread machine is an easy way to make homemade bread regardless of skill level. All you have to do is add ingredients and let the machine do the rest of the work. It’s that simple! And with that in mind, I can confidently tell you that a bread machine is worth it.

But hey – if you want to keep trying your hand at homemade bread, don’t give up! Check out our “bread” section for help.

Do you have a bread machine? Do you think it’s worth it? Share in the comments below!

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