How Many Pieces of Bread in a Bagel

If you’re anything like me, then you love a good bagel. Whether it’s a cinnamon raisin bagel for breakfast or a smoked salmon bagel for dinner, you can’t get enough. But how many pieces of bread are in a bagel? Typically, there are about 3.15 pieces of bread per bagel. 

Well, hello there! I’m Michelle, and I have a home baker. My mom always referred to me as the “carb queen” because I couldn’t ever get enough carbs – especially bagels! Well, nothing has changed, mom. I’m still a fan of bagels, and now I know way too much about them.

We all know that bagels are bread. Okay, fine. But have you ever been curious about how many pieces of bread are in a bagel? Yeah, me too. That’s why I ventured into researching this topic, and today, I am sharing my fun findings with you.

Who wants to learn about bagels?

How Many Pieces of Bread in a Bagel?

When we talk about how many pieces of bread are in a bagel, the best answer is around 3.15 slices of bread. But how did we end up with this number? We have to look at the calories and carbohydrates of each product to discover the number of slices.

For example, a plain slice of white bread will typically have around 80 calories. Of those calories, you can expect around 20 grams of carbs. On the other hand, a plain white bagel will have 245 calories and close to 50 grams of carbs. Wow!

That said, it’s clear that the bagel is a “heftier” breakfast option. This is also true because bagels tend to have more calorie-dense toppings compared to bread. However, this seems to be changing as people are diving into PB and banana toast and avocado toast.

The number can also change drastically depending on the type of bagel you’re eating. For example, an everything bagel can skyrocket to 400 calories (without toppings). A miniature bagel, on the other hand, can top out at just 100 calories. 

Are Bagels Good for You?

Now that we know bagels have about three slices of bread in them, this next question comes to mind: are bagels even good for us? Sure, the calorie and carb content is pretty steep. That doesn’t make bagels “bad” for you, though.

The key is to eat bagels sparingly. It probably isn’t best to eat three bagels in one sitting. But having a bagel or even half a bagel for breakfast isn’t going to ruin most people’s diets.

To make healthier choices when it comes to bagels, you have options. Here are some of the best tips:

  • Only eat half. Dividing the carb and calorie content in half is an easy way to indulge without feeling guilty. Plus, you will extend your food budget. Win-win!
  • Look for whole-grain or whole wheat. Whole grain and whole wheat are your tummy’s best friends forever. Those dietary fibers keep you full and “regular,” and we can all agree on how important that is.
  • Make better topping choices. It’s best to ditch the sugar-filled and fat-packed toppings. Instead, consider high-protein toppings like scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, or cottage cheese.

Some people scoop out some of the bread to cut down on calories. While this can technically work, I find it wasteful. Instead of scooping out the interior, opt for eating just half of the bagel or seeking miniature bagels with fewer calories.


Bagels aren’t the enemy, even though they contain around three pieces of bread. If you’re still curious about this question, then you’re going to want to keep reading. I have found some commonly asked questions that provide even more insight into this fun topic!

Is a bagel equivalent to 6 slices of bread?

Typically, no, especially if you buy bagels from the grocery store. However, local bakers sometimes offer “extra-large” bagels that can get up to 600 calories. This XL bagel can be the equivalent of around six slices of bread, so be careful with those monster-sized bagels.

What is 1 serving of a bagel?

A single serving of a bagel would be one bagel (two slices). Most bagels will be around 300 calories. However, miniature-sized bagels can be as low as 100 calories, while bagels with added toppings like everything seasoning can be over 400 calories.

Is bagel good for weight loss?

Bagels aren’t technically good for weight loss, but that doesn’t mean eating a bagel will hinder weight loss. As long as you eat bagels sparingly and choose low-calorie toppings, bagels can be part of a healthy weight loss regime.

Are bagels better for you than bread?

Most of the time, bagels are not better for you than bread. They are not necessarily worse for you, either. It really depends on how many bagels you’re eating, what kind of bagel it is, and what the toppings are.

Is it bad to eat 2 bagels a day?

I wouldn’t say it’s bad, but it’s certainly not good. Bagels are typically high in calories and carbohydrates and don’t have an impressive lineup of nutrients. So, I would suggest eating one bagel per day and choosing healthier options for the rest of your day.

What is the healthiest bagel to eat?

The healthiest bagel to eat will be the whole wheat or whole-grain option. From there, the egg bagel. The worst bagel to consume is the asiago bagel (although it is delicious). Asiago bagels have the highest amount of calories, so choose this option sparingly. Make it a treat for yourself.

Final Words

Typically, a bagel has around 3.15 pieces of bread in it. That said, it’s best to eat bagels sparingly. When you decide to eat them, choose a healthier option like whole grain or whole wheat. Go easy on the toppings. Choose protein-packed options like eggs or salmon.

Do you enjoy bagels? What is your favorite bagel to eat? Share in the comment section!

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