Best Bread for Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is anything but pleasant, whether it presents itself as a burning in your throat, endless hiccups, or bloating. If bread’s the cause, you need to find a bread type that will work with you – not against you.

If you’re struggling with acid reflux from bread, consider swapping to whole grain bread. Multigrain, 100% whole grain, and even whole grain bread are practical options that shouldn’t cause acid reflux. If they do, it might be time to nix bread out of your diet for good.

Hi, everyone! I’m Michelle, and like most people, I have struggled with acid reflux here and there. Luckily, bread is not the source of my discomfort. But I understand how much of a nuisance it can be – especially if you’re just trying to enjoy a sandwich for lunch.

Keep reading to discover which types of bread you should eat to eliminate acid reflux.

Why Does Bread Cause Acid Reflux?

Many people know the “usual culprits” for acid reflux, such as fried foods and pizza. So, it can come as somewhat of a surprise when they end up with acid reflux after eating a slice of bread.

What’s the deal with bread?

Certain types of bread created using refined grains – such as white bread – have very little fiber and nutrients. The lack of fiber places more work on the digestive system, triggering acid reflux symptoms.

Best Bread for Acid Reflux: Top Three Picks

If you still want to enjoy your favorite breaded foods – from garlic bread to turkey sandwiches and beyond – you need to find an option that won’t cause acid reflux. The good news is you have a few top-notch options that are *quite* delicious.

You’ll notice that each of these bread types is whole grain bread. Why? Because the fiber, nutrients, and protein content work well with those who suffer from acid reflux.

1. 100% Whole Grain Bread

If there is just one kind of bread you add to your repertoire, let it be 100% whole grain bread. This type of bread is loaded with whole grains, fiber, and protein. Together, they work to slow down digestion, resulting in less acid production. Bye-bye, heartburn!

Make sure you’re buying real 100% whole grain bread by checking the ingredients list. Real whole grain bread will have whole millet flour, cornflour, or brown rice flour as a first ingredient.

Want a healthier and more readily digestive 100% whole grain bread option? Go with the sprouted counterpart and never look back.

2. 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread is another stellar choice for acid reflux sufferers. The high fiber content paired with essential nutrients like Vitamin B and iron make this a healthy choice all around. 

Make sure to double-check the label, though. Some manufacturers may state “100% whole wheat” on the packaging, only to have refined flour on the ingredient list. Avoid this “false” whole wheat bread!

3. Multigrain Bread

If you prefer an earthy flavor, multigrain bread is exactly what you’re looking for. The taste will depend on the type of multigrain you buy, so double-check to make sure you’re a fan.

Some of the common grains found in multigrain bread include barley, oat, and flaxseeds. Regardless of which combo is used, you can rest assured of a slow-digesting high-protein bread that will reduce acid reflux symptoms.

Bread to Avoid for Acid Reflux

Avoid any kind of bread created with refined grain, such as the beloved white bread. Although you may enjoy the flavor (and low price tag, most of the time), it’s not a good choice for someone struggling with acid reflux.

Bread made with refined grains has a low fiber and nutrient content. On top of that, they typically contain high amounts of sodium, sugars, fats, and other processed components, which are not great ingredients for someone with acid reflux issues.

Is Rye Bread Good for Acid Reflux?

If you’re a fan of the vibrant flavors of rye bread, I have good news for you – rye bread is a good option for acid reflux. And yup, you guessed right; it’s all thanks to the inclusion of tummy-friendly grains. 

That said, go ahead and reach for the rye bread the next time you’re shopping in the market.

Can Sourdough Bread Cause Acid Reflux?

For most people, no, sourdough bread won’t cause acid reflux. Does that mean acid reflux sufferers are safe to consume sourdough? You bet! Just make sure it wasn’t created using refined grains or flour.

Is Toast Good for Acid Reflux?

Toast is 100% acid-reflux-friendly and should be considered over a slice of bread. That’s because toasting breaks down some carbs, making it much easier for your stomach to digest. 

Make sure you’re using one of the top bread options listed above. While toasting a slice of white bread will be easier on your belly, it still won’t be as good a choice as whole wheat, whole grain, etc.

That said, even when you’re making your afternoon sandwich, consider toasting the bread beforehand. (Who doesn’t love a little extra crunch, anyway?)


If you have acid reflux after eating bread, swap your current loaf for a whole grain or whole wheat option. If you want to keep learning about this critical topic, check out these frequently asked questions below.

Are bread and peanut butter good for acid reflux?

For some people, bread and peanut butter may be OK. However, many acid reflux sufferers claim that they struggle with consuming peanut butter. The best thing to do is to try it and see how you react. If PB doesn’t sit well with you, donate to a friend or family member.

What can I eat for breakfast if I have acid reflux?

You can have a slice of whole-grain or whole-wheat toast for breakfast without fear of acid reflux (in almost all cases). However, you can also ditch bread for breakfast altogether and opt for a fruit and veggie smoothie, an omelet with veggies, or a bowl of oatmeal.

Can gluten-free bread cause acid reflux?

Not usually. In fact, those who adopted a gluten-free lifestyle and consumed gluten-free bread have noticed reduced acid reflux symptoms. It may be something to try if the bread mentioned above still causes acid reflux.

Final Words

Acid reflux is a nuisance, especially if it keeps happening after eating a piece of bread. You can easily reduce acid reflux symptoms by swapping your current loaf of bread for whole grain, whole wheat, or multigrain option. Rye and sourdough can also be OK options, too.

Do you have acid reflux? Which bread do you consume to reduce the symptoms? Share with us below!

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