How to Cook Garlic Bread in Air Fryer

The air fryer has quickly become my favorite appliance in the kitchen. I use it for, well, just about everything – and one of my favorite things to bake is garlic bread. There is nothing quite like air-fried garlic bread, with a perfectly crispy exterior and decadent interior. But how long do you cook garlic bread in the air fryer?

If you’re making a fresh batch of garlic bread, you’ll need to air fry it at 350F for about five minutes. If you’re air-frying frozen garlic bread, add an additional two minutes (seven minutes total). Two or three minutes will do the trick for those needing to reheat only.

Yo, yo, yo, garlic bread fanatics! What’s up? My name is Michelle, and I have been a self-taught baker exploring recipes and appliances for over ten years. I’ve recently become an air fryer fanatic, and I’m here to share how to correctly cook garlic bread in your new gadget.

I can smell the garlic bread already  – how about you?

How to Cook Garlic Bread in Air Fryer

Making garlic bread is generally easy. The only real “difficult” part is waiting for the oven to heat up. But with an air fryer, you don’t have to wait endlessly for the oven to beep. Most air fryers heat up in a matter of minutes, ensuring you can whip up garlic bread in no time.

But how do you do it?

Note: Everyone’s air fryers are different. Some air fryers cook faster or slower than others. The best thing to do is use these timeframes as a ballpark reference. I recommend checking a minute or two before the “recommended” cook time to ensure they’re not burning.

1. Fresh Garlic Bread (5 Minutes)

If you’re making a fresh batch of garlic bread, you’ll need to start by topping your preferred type of bread with garlic butter. You can add additional ingredients, such as Italian seasoning or Parmesan cheese (which is my personal favorite combo). 

Turn on your air fryer and set it to air fry at 350F. The air fryer should only take a few minutes to reach this temperature.

When it’s ready, place the piece(s) of garlic bread into the machine. Set the timer for five minutes. Then, sit back and wait for the delightful smell of garlic bread to enter your nose, leaving your mouthwatering.

At the five-minute mark, check your garlic bread. It should be beautifully crispy yet not overly crunchy. If you prefer your garlic bread more toasted, simply shut the door and allow the garlic bread to continue cooking in 30-second intervals.

2. Frozen Garlic Bread (7 Minutes)

Psst, I have something very exciting to share with you – you don’t need to thaw your frozen garlic bread before cooking it in your air fryer.

All you need to do is preheat your air fryer to 350 F. Then, plop your frozen garlic bread piece(s) into the gadget. Allow it to cook for approximately seven minutes. Then, take it out and enjoy.

Seriously, could it be any easier than that? Now you have no excuse not to whip up some garlic bread for your next spaghetti night!

3. Reheating Garlic Bread (2-3 Minutes)

If you’ve already made garlic bread but have some leftovers (shockingly!), you can reheat them in your air fryer. 

But why?

Trust me – reheating garlic bread in the microwave will make it soggy and chewy. Reheating in the oven means shaving off a good 20-25 minutes of your day. Either way, no, thank you.

The air fryer, on the hand? Two or three minutes in the preheated 350F air fryer results in garlic bread that tastes fresh and scrumptioussign me up!

A Couple Tips

If you’re new to the world of air frying, it can seem a little overwhelming – all new machinery is! That’s why I wanted to share a few tips for cooking garlic bread in the air fryer.

Foil is Your Friend

Garlic bread can produce a hefty amount of crumbs. If you don’t want to fuss with the mess and add another chore to your post-dinner routine, place foil underneath your garlic bread. It’s completely safe!

Opt for a Single Layer

Never stack your garlic bread in your air fryer. Garlic bread should always be placed in a single layer – the same as if you were cooking garlic bread in your oven. Opt for multiple batches of garlic bread if you don’t have enough room.

Check as Often as You’d Like

The remarkable thing about air fryers is that it really doesn’t matter how many times you open and close them. And, to be honest, you’ll need to open and close the air fryer quite a lot in the beginning until you’re used to how fast it cooks your food items, including garlic bread.

Flip, if Desired

Some people prefer to flip their garlic bread halfway through the cooking time. This is unnecessary, but if you want to ensure all sides are picture-perfect, you can certainly do so. 


Making garlic bread in the air fryer is just so easy, you guys! Everyone should give it a try! Oh, but don’t go and make garlic bread just yet. Check out these frequently asked questions real fast.

Can you put garlic toast in the air fryer?

Of course, you can put garlic toast in the air fryer! Whether you’re making fresh, homemade garlic bread or need to cook frozen varieties, you can do so in your air fryer preheated to 350 F. Cook times may vary, but fresh should be done in five while frozen may need up to seven (or more) minutes.

Can I put frozen garlic Texas toast in the air fryer?

You can definitely put frozen garlic Texas toast in the air fryer, and you don’t even have to defrost it first! Just open the box, remove the packaging, and place the frozen garlic bread in the preheated 350F air fryer. Wait around seven minutes and enjoy your delicious garlic bread!

Can I put foil in the air fryer?

Some people might want to place foil underneath their garlic bread to avoid any messy crumb disasters after air frying. The good news is you can use foil in the air fryer, and it’s 100% safe. Just place the foil down underneath your garlic bread and air fry it. 

Air Fried Garlic Bread is Incredible!

Cooking garlic bread in the air fryer is a cinch. For fresh, homemade garlic bread, slab some garlic butter on top with other preferred ingredients, if desired. Then, preheat the air fryer to 350 F, place the bread inside, and cook for approximately five minutes.

Have you ever cooked garlic bread in an air fryer? Do you have any tips or tricks to share with us?

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