Can You Bake Cookies in an Air Fryer?

The air fryer has quickly become the quintessential gadget of every kitchen. Whether you’re baking a cake or reheating pizza, you can do it in your air fryer. That said, it’s no shock to know that, yes, you can bake cookies in your air fryer.

You can bake cookies in an air fryer. All you need to do is reduce the temperature by 25F. Using a baking sheet that fits the air fryer is also recommended to avoid messy mishaps. 

Hey! My name’s Michelle, and like many others, I’m obsessed with my air fryer. I literally use it for everything, and I’ve recently learned how to master baking cookies inside of my air fryer. I’m here to tell you exactly how it’s done so you can successfully bake air fryer cookies.

Want to bake cookies in an air fryer? Check out the how-to guide below!

Can You Bake Cookies in an Air Fryer?

The air fryer has taken the world by storm. Now, it’s the go-to appliance for all kinds of recipes, whether you’re cooking a full-fledged dinner for yourself and your family or simply need to heat a snack.

Does that mean that you can use it to bake cookies, too?


You can successfully bake cookies inside your air fryer. In fact, there are many ways to bake cookies without an oven if that’s what you’re looking for.

How to Bake Cookies in an Air Fryer

Everyone who has an air fryer is probably cheering at this point.

“Cookies in the air fryer? Sign me up!”

Ok, ok, I understand the excitement. But let’s not get carried away. You need to make sure you’re doing it correctly. Thankfully, it’s a cinch, and you don’t even need to change too much about the recipe.

Here we go!

Step 1: Make Your Cookie Dough

You can’t have cookies without cookie dough, right?

Then it’s obvious why you need to make the cookie dough first.

You can use any of your favorite cookie recipes when using the air fryer.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need to bake in smaller batches because, clearly, your air fryer isn’t as large or grand as your oven. (That’s OK, though – it also doesn’t take nearly as long to heat up and won’t warm up your kitchen like your oven, which are huge plusses.)

Step 2: Line/Grease Your Air Fryer Baking Sheet (Optional)

Now, you don’t have to use a cookie sheet when baking cookies in your air fryer.

But I highly recommend it.

Your air fryer basket contains holes, and cookie dough can drip through it. The other issue is that removing your cookies from the air fryer will be far more challenging. And who wants to make their life more difficult?

If you haven’t invested in air fryer baking sheets yet, you should. They’re literal lifesavers. They’re not that expensive, either! 

If nothing else, use air fryer liners.

Step 3: Bake Your Cookies at 25F Less Than Stated

Cookie dough and baking sheet ready to go? Yay – you’re almost done! 

When baking cookies in the air fryer, lower the temperature by 25F than what your recipe states. For instance, if your recipe calls for 350F, you’ll air fry at 325F.

Wait for your air fryer to heat up. This shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes, if even.

Then, place your cookies inside the air fryer. Most cookies will take less than seven minutes to bake, so keeping an eye on them is essential. You can also look up air fryer cookie recipes and follow the directions.

Step  4: Cool and Eat!

Once your cookies are done baking, it’s time to pull them out of your air fryer.

If you were smart and used a baking sheet, you’ll pull the baking sheet out of the air fryer with your oven mitt.

If you wanted to make your life more challenging, grab a spatula and remove the cookies from the air fryer.

Place the cookies on a cooling rack for 20 to 30 minutes or until thoroughly cooled. Then, eat until your cookie cravings are satisfied!

Pros and Cons of Baking Cookies in an Air Fryer

Is it all glitz and glam when it comes to baking cookies in an air fryer? Pretty much, yeah. But let me break down the top four pros and cons so you can decide if this is the right choice for you and your cookie dough.

Pro: It Doesn’t Take As Long

If you want your cookies and you want them now, you’ll appreciate the fact that you don’t have to stand around waiting for your oven to preheat. I mean, really, that’s the worst part of baking. If you could bypass that nuisance, why wouldn’t you?

Pro: Won’t Heat the Kitchen

Nothing is more awful than using an oven on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, that’s the way most people bake their cookies. With an air fryer, you can bake cookies no matter the temperature outside – without worrying about your kitchen becoming a sauna.

Pro: Amazing Texture

If you love crispy cookies that are perfectly chewy in the middle, you will fall head over heels for air fryer cookies. The texture is simply unbelievable. Don’t believe me? Then go try it ASAP and report back to me. 

Con: Smaller Batches

Air fryers aren’t that big. That makes them great for resting on countertops but not great for making large portions. When baking cookies with an air fryer, you’ll need to work in smaller batches, which can be a hassle for some.


Air fryer fanatics unite – because you can bake cookies in your air fryer! But before you run off to whip up a batch of air fryer cookies, take a look at these frequently asked questions. There’s more info below, y’all!

Can you bake in an air fryer?

The air fryer was initially known for being the best place to make fried foods without the hassle or fats of excess oil. Nowadays, it’s used for a lot more, including baking recipes. So, don’t hesitate to use your air fryer, whether for a cake or a batch of cookies.

Do I need parchment paper for cookies in an air fryer?

You don’t have to use parchment paper for cookies in the air fryer, but it is highly recommended. Better yet, purchase baking sheets specifically designed for the air fryer. They will make your life a thousand times easier.

Is it better to bake or air fry cookies?

It depends on your goals. If you want to reduce your overall baking time, not worry about waiting for the oven to heat up or warm your kitchen, and enjoy a crispier texture, the air fryer is the ideal spot to bake cookies.

Air Fryer Cookies Are So Much Yum!

Every cookie lover and air fryer fanatic’s dream has come true – you can successfully bake a scrumptious batch of cookies right inside your beloved appliance. It’s pretty easy, too. The biggest thing to remember is to reduce the temperature by 25F.

Have you ever baked cookies in your air fryer? What did you think?

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