Where Did the Cupcake Evolve

Everyone knows that a cupcake is a delightful handheld treat with a fluffy texture and sweet frosting on top. But did you know that the cupcake has a very long and fascinating history behind it? The cupcake evolved all the way back in 1796 in the US, and it took off from there.

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I think cupcakes are just about the most adorable treat you can buy. I don’t just like to bake, sell, and eat cupcakes, though. I also love learning more about the finer points, like cupcake history and other details that others might not know about.

If you have ever looked at your adorable bite-sized goodie and thought, “I wonder how it all started,” you’re in luck. This article shares the history of cupcakes, otherwise known as the moment baked treats were changed for the better.

Who’s ready to talk cupcakes?

Where Did Cupcake Originate?

The cupcake first made its appearance in 1796 in the United States. But we can’t mention this date without mentioning Amelia Simmons – or who I like to call the mother of all cupcakes. 

It was this fascinating woman who created the very first American cookbook known as American Cookery. Inside this intriguing cookbook held the recipe for “light cakes baked in small cups.” She gave them this name because cupcakes were originally baked in small pottery cups..”

“Light cakes baked in small cups” were a sensation and continued to rise in popularity gradually, but the term “cupcake” didn’t come around until 1828. At this point, another wonderful baker named Eliza Leslie created her own cookbook, which included the recipe for cupcakes.

Inside Eliza Leslie’s cookbook, you will find the specific measurement for 19th-century cupcakes: one cup butter, two cups sugar, three cups flour, and four eggs. Due to the recipe contents, cupcakes were (and still are, sometimes) referred to as 1,2,3,4 cake.

Cupcakes were continuously enjoyed by homesteads for many years. However, cupcakes were not commercially baked and sold until the year 1919 by the brand Hostess (ever heard of them?).

Needless to say, cupcakes have a very fascinating history rooted in the United States. And it’s all thanks to a woman named Amelia Simmons. Now, we can all enjoy delicious bite-sized goodies and celebrate National Cupcake Day every December 15th!


Are you still curious about cupcake origination facts? Who could blame you! Below are a few more frequently asked questions about where the cupcake evolved. Let’s keep learning!

What country did Cupcakes originate from?

Cupcakes originated in the United States, and it all started with a woman named Amelia Simmons in the year 1796.

What was the first flavor of cupcake?

The first cupcake consisted of butter, sugar, flour, and eggs. We can assume that this cupcake had a rich buttery and sugary flavor with a fluffy texture. Most of the time, cupcakes were covered in a sugary glaze similar to a donut, too, adding to the sweetness of the baked treat. 

What is the purpose of a cupcake?

The purpose of a cupcake is to provide consumers with an on-the-go baked treat. Since cupcakes are small and handheld, they’re great for a variety of occasions when you don’t want to bust out an entire cake, plates, forks, knives, napkins, etc. They’re very convenient treats.

Who first made cupcakes?

Amelia Simmons was the first one to bring “cupcakes” to life in her cookbook named American Cookery in 1796. However, the term cupcake was not brought into the scene until Eliza Leslie coined the term in her cookbook in the 19th century.

What is the world’s largest cupcake?

Who wouldn’t want to know this fun fact, too? Duff Goldman (one of my personal favorite bakers – check him out) created the world’s largest cupcake. It is a whopping 61.4 pounds and stands over a foot tall. And yes, in case you were wondering – it is entirely edible. Wow!

What were cupcakes called in the past?

Cupcakes weren’t always cupcakes; in fact, they went by many names in the past. Originally, they were referred to as “light cakes baked in small cups. However, they were also called 1,2,3,4 cakes or number cakes because of the unique measurements used to make them..”

Final Thoughts

I bet you didn’t think cupcakes had such a fun history, did you? Well, now you can go and tell your friends that the cupcake originated in the US and was created by a woman named Amelia Simmons – and we all thank her for that at least once a year (okay, maybe once a week).

Did you know where the cupcake evolved from? Do you have any interesting cupcake facts to share? Comment below so we can learn more about cupcakes, too.

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