7 Best Wedding Cupcake Liners

Hello, lovers! Do you hear wedding bells chiming already? Are you serving cupcakes rather than cake – or better yet, both? Don’t let your cupcakes fall by the wayside. 

Make them just as glamorous as the rest of your shindig with a charming wedding cupcake liner like these gorgeous lacy Suyeper Cupcake Wrappers.

My name’s Michelle, and if there is one thing I know, it’s cupcakes. I love eating them as much as I love baking them! That said, I’ve had the opportunity to use an immense amount of cupcake liners during my baking journey, and I must say, they’ve come a long way.

I think the Suyeper Cupcake Wrappers are the number one option because they’re unbelievably gorgeous – yes, I’m using this adjective for a cupcake liner. The hollowed-out lacy pattern fits anyone who feels like “Cinderella” on their wedding day, and the wrappers are surprisingly high-grade.

If you’re in the market for a wedding cupcake liner, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re discussing some of the best wedding cupcake liners on the market. There are some seriously glamorous options on this list, so don’t be too shocked!

Let’s go!

Best Wedding Cupcake Liners: Top Picks

Your wedding day should be everything you’ve dreamed of – and more. I’m here to help you out, at least in the cupcake-decorating department. I have found some of the very best choices for cupcake liners, so you can say “I do” to the right one.

1. Suyeper Cupcake Wrappers (Best Overall)

  • Features: Wrappers that work with any color, high-grade and durable material, easy to assemble, gorgeous hollowed-out lace detailing
  • Count: 100
  • Size: Regular
  • Color: White, gold, green, blue, pink

I don’t know about you, but then I think of weddings, I think of lace – especially when it comes to the bride’s beautiful dress. Well, these cupcake wrappers are designed to match the frilly bride that can’t get enough lace in her life.

Ok, so these are technically wrappers that go around your liner, but I couldn’t resist placing them at number one. They’re easy to assemble, and the hollow-out lacy design is elegant enough for the Queen of England.

The material is made from Pearlescent art paper, which is notoriously high-grade and can withstand even the most exciting and intense weddings across the globe. The best part is that these wrappers can go with any color underneath. Go with a classic white or go bold with mauve or royal blue.

You may need to add a little glue or tape to keep these wrappers tightly together, but that’s not a big deal. It’s worth it to add these gorgeous, refined liners to your wedding cupcakes. 

2. Hondex Baking Cups (Best Tulip-Style Option)

  • Features: Beautiful tulip design, high-quality greaseproof paper, eco-friendly
  • Count: 100
  • Size: Regular
  • Color: White, pastel, pink, green, brown

There are so many wedding cupcake ideas, and for some people, a wedding is all about flowers. That said, it’s no wonder why I had to add these lovely tulip-style cupcake liners to my top seven list. They’re undeniably captivating and come in many colors like white, pastel, and pink.

These liners are designed using the high-quality, greaseproof paper to leave your cupcakes looking, feeling, and tasting flawless. They’re also the top eco-friendly option for those keen on taking a stand to defend and improve Mother Earth.

Each box comes with 100 tulip-style cupcake papers that are truly breathtaking. You will love how the exquisite design showcases your cupcakes, taking them from “birthday party” to “lavish wedding” in seconds.

Most of the issues with these liners were with the packaging. Some arrived damaged, such as being smooshed or bent. If you have problems, I would recommend contacting the seller ASAP and getting a new batch!

3. Andaz Press Party Cupcake Wrapper Decorations (Best Glitter Option)

  • Features: Glittery wrappers, easy to assemble, made with 300 GSM card stock, fade-resistant ink, extensive color options
  • Count: 24
  • Size: Regular
  • Color: 10+ options

Is your wedding going to be sprinkled with glitter in every direction? If you’re creating a starstruck night to remember, you’ll want cupcake liners that are just as bedazzling. Choose these glorious liners from Andaz.

The Andaz wrapper decorations are technically wrappers that will fit easily around any regular-sized cupcake. The pack comes with 24 wrappers, and there are literally so many color options – including pink and gold, black and gold, baby blue and aqua, and more! There is definitely a color option for every wedding on the extensive list. 

Aside from impressive glitter bombshell options, you will enjoy the fact that these are crafted onto high-quality and durable 300 GSM card stock with fade-resistant ink. With pre-cut slots, they’re a breeze to assemble, too.

Some people said that these were a bit larger than “traditional” cupcake sizes but still worked like a charm. I’d recommend baking cupcakes a bit larger or higher, if possible.

4. TEAVAS Auto Fold Flower Cupcake Boxes (Best Box-Style Liners)

  • Features: Box “liner” that holds cupcakes, easy to assemble, pretty floral pattern, lots of space, clear window to showcase cupcake design, works with jumbo cupcakes
  • Count: 50
  • Size: Regular or Jumbo
  • Color: Floral

A bundle of cupcakes sitting out at your wedding? Maybe not classy enough. An adorable box with a cupcake inside that guests can carry during the reception or even take home for later? Now, that’s classy!

If you want to give your cupcakes a charming display without leaving them open to the elements, I recommend these cupcake boxes. Okay, so they’re not “liners” specifically. But you can use any ole liner with these boxes, and they’ll work like a charm – because they’re 100% hidden.

These boxes come with an attractive floral design perfect for any wedding. There’s also a clear window to showcase your pretty treat, so don’t think your exquisitely-designed dessert has to stay hidden in some run-of-the-mill box. 

One reviewer said that her package came with 48 boxes rather than 50. If you have the same issue or any other kind of packaging problem, contact the seller so they can get it straightened away before the big day.

5. BAKHUK Tulip Cupcake Baking Cups (Best for Rustic Weddings)

  • Features: Beautiful tulips style, great for outdoor/rustic weddings, food-grade silicone, shipped in a sturdy cardboard box
  • Count: 200
  • Size: Regular 
  • Color: Brown, White, and Nature Color

Dreaming of a rustic wedding? Then you need these cupcake liners that come in “outdoor” colors, including dark brown, light brown, and white. The collection will work fabulously against an outdoor landscape and may very well be the “icing on the cupcake” for polishing off your wedding decor.

Aside from the perfectly-suited color combination, these cupcake liners come in a tulip style that only adds to the rustic image. Each pack comes with 200 liners, too, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money.

Each liner is constructed with high-grade, ultra-durable, and food-grade silicone paper that won’t emit any unwanted odors and won’t fade, staying in tip-top condition for your wedding night. To ensure they arrive in pristine condition, the company utilizes sturdy cardboard boxes to avoid potential damage. 

These are pretty thin cupcake papers, so keep that in mind. Some people struggled with some greasiness on the bottom of their cupcakes, but nothing too serious that it ruined the taste or texture. 

6. EUSOAR Cupcake Liners (Best for Jumbo Cupcakes)

  • Features: Sturdy aluminum, comes with lids, great for large cupcakes, portable
  • Count: 50
  • Size: Jumbo
  • Color: 10+ options

Your wedding is a grand affair; there’s no doubt about that. So why settle for “regular” cupcake sizes? Take your cupcakes to the next level by opting for jumbo, jaw-dropping treats. Oh, and don’t forget to house them in these lovely cupcake liners.

The Eusoar cupcake liners are designed for two things: functionality and portability. Their large size ensures you can easily fit even the grandest cupcakes, but the accompanying lid allows guests to maneuver about the reception without ruining their baked goods.

The liners themselves are designed with ultra-sturdy aluminum foil that won’t succumb to the elements, ensuring you have beautiful cupcakes on display from the beginning to the end. Just make sure you don’t use the lids in the oven – they’re not oven safe!

Customers were quite pleased with this purchase and didn’t have anything negative to say. The only potential issue could come from packaging. Again, contact the seller with any problems along the way.

7. Gifbera Mini White Cupcake Liners (Best for Mini Cupcakes)

  • Features: Simple yet elegant, huge pack, odorless, greaseproof, also available in standard size
  • Count: 400
  • Size: Mini or Standard
  • Color: White

If you’re having a larger-than-life wedding or you just love itty-bitty, adorable desserts, you might consider opting for miniature wedding cupcakes. These precious bite-sized treats are bound to be a hit – you just need the Gifbera cupcake liners to get them there.

This pack of cupcake liners with an impressive 400 count of product, so you definitely won’t have to skimp on desserts. Everything – including Aunt Bertha and Grandpa Ben – can get a cupcake with no problem.

The liners are entirely odorless and greaseproof so that you can be confident in the final product. (Hint: they also come in “standard size,” which you might consider if you’re using one of the “wrappings” listed above!)

There weren’t many negative comments on these liners. Most people said they were pretty “basic,” but that’s not bad. White will always match a wedding (most of the time), and you can use the standard size with wrapping to take them to the next level.

Best Wedding Cupcake Liners: Things to Consider

I know, I know – you’re excited about your upcoming wedding! And why shouldn’t you be? It’s a life-changing and miraculous event. But you need to be picky when choosing the right cupcake liner – almost as picky as you were when choosing your significant other!


Are you a standard-size type of person, or do you prefer things XXL? How about miniature, super cute treats? Consider how big your wedding cupcakes will be and find cupcake liners accordingly.


I included a few options on this list, including traditional liners, wrappings, and box-style. The liners will take center stage, but if you’re using a wrapping or box, you can let liners fall to the wayside and focus on enhancing the decoration with the accessory.


Lace? Tulip? Floral? There are many choices on this list because I wanted to ensure you found a liner that matched your wedding theme. That said, make sure you’re choosing the right one to complement your setting!


Aside from the design, also consider the color. Not everyone goes with traditional “white” for their wedding. If you’re someone who steps outside of the box and beats to their own drum, I have added cupcake liners with more vibrant color options.


Smaller weddings don’t have to be as concerned about the cupcake liner count, but those inviting their entire family should double-check to make sure they buy enough. After all, there is a wide range of counts on this list. Don’t fall short!

Final Words

All of these liners are wonderful options, whether they stand alone or need to be accompanied by “basic liners” to get the job done. My favorite remains the Suyeper Cupcake Wrappers. They’re just so classy and stunning, and I know they’ll look great at your wedding. Oh – and CONGRATULATIONS!

Have a better option to suggest? Feel free to leave a comment below!

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