6 Best Nonstick Cupcake Liners

Who doesn’t love cupcakes? Whether they’re normal-sized, adorably miniature, or excitingly jumbo, you can’t go wrong with a fresh batch. The last thing you want is to lose half your cupcake to stickiness.

Hey, everyone! My name is Michelle, and I love to bake. Cupcakes were one of the first things I learned to bake, and I’ve enhanced my skill ever since. While I’ve learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way, one thing I won’t ever go without is cupcake liners – especially nonstick ones.

While there are seemingly endless options of cupcake liners on the market, some work better than others. For example, my favorite ones are the reusable and non-stick silicone muffins/cupcakes liners. These colorful silicone cups can handle any temperature and offer quick and easy cupcake release – no mess or sticking.

If you’re on the hunt for some reliable non-stick cupcake liners, I’ve got you covered. Even if you don’t go with my number one option, I guarantee you will find a product you’re happy with below.

Let’s check out the best nonstick cupcake liners!

Best Nonstick Cupcake Liners: Top Choices

Your next batch of cupcakes doesn’t have to be ruined by sticky messes. Use one of these reliable cupcake liners below for cupcake success!

1. Reusable Non-Stick Silicone Baking Cups (Best Overall)

  • Key Features: Odor resistance, up to 482F heat resistance, dishwasher-safe, oven-safe, freezer safe
  • Material: Silicone
  • Pack of: 24
  • Reusable? Yes

Bright, colorful, and cheery, this 24-pack of nonstick silicone baking cups is precisely what your cupcakes are calling for. Not only are they fun to look at, but they’ll ensure there’s no leftover cupcake residue at the end of your baking session.

These silicone cups are entirely chemical coating free and made with eco-friendly silicone. They’re specifically designed to allow for effortless food release, which means the cupcakes will pop right out. Even after many uses, you won’t have to worry about stains, odors, or other undesirable side effects.

One of the best things about these liners is that they’re safe for various temperatures, with up to 482F heat resistance. When you’re done baking, simply pop them in the dishwasher and go on with your day. That’s right – no fussing with handwashing, saving you time and hassle. 

This 24-pack of silicone liners is a must-have for your cupcake-baking adventures. Just keep in mind that the bottom of the liner is thinner than the sides. It’s not a big deal, but some people were simply surprised by it. It doesn’t affect the overall functionality.

2. LetGoShop Silicone Cupcake Liners (Shape Options)

  • Key Features: Fun shapes, safe in frozen up to 450F, food-grade silicone, dishwasher-safe
  • Material: Silicone
  • Pack of: 24
  • Reusable? Yes

Do you like to bake cupcakes into adorable and fun shapes? Then this 24-pack of nonstick liners is precisely what you need to make your cupcake dreams come true. With circles, hearts, stars, and roses, it’s a must-have for whimsical bakers.

These silicone cupcake liners are made entirely of food-grade silicone. Thanks to the slick, nonstick coating, you can ensure your cupcakes pop right out of the cup and onto your cooling rack. 

You can use these silicone liners for various purposes as they can withstand temperatures from -40F up to 450F. Super handy, and you won’t have to worry about odors or spots building up over time – even after a thousand uses. Just pop them in the dishwasher when you’re done!

These lovely-shaped silicone liners are great for baking. Much like the product mentioned above, they’re a little on the thin side. This was not expected for some customers, but it does not affect their quality or functionality.

3. The Silicone Kitchen Reusable Baking Cups (Multiple Size Options)

  • Key Features: Regular, mini, and jumbo sizes, four colors, BPA-free, safe in frozen up to 445F, dishwasher-safe
  • Material: Silicone
  • Pack of: 12
  • Reusable? Yes

I don’t know about you, but I love making cupcakes that are miniature-sized and oversized. It’s just so much fun! That’s why I recommend The Silicone Kitchen liners. They come in mini, regular, and jumbo, so they can suit all of your baking needs.

While the multiple size options are a prominent standout feature, you will also be impressed by the beautiful quad of colors: navy, blue, green, and white. All silicone liners are made with food-grade silicone and are entirely non-toxic and BPA-free for your safety.

As far as baking is concerned, these liners can withstand heat up to 445F. They can be frozen and used in the microwave if desired, too. Regardless, when you’re done with your baking project, you can throw them in the dishwasher for a quick wash. 

While the size options are great for versatility, the “standard” size tends to be a bit smaller than average muffin tin sizes. There’s about a ¼ inch gap between the liner and the pan. This isn’t a huge deal, but it is something to consider when choosing sizes.

4. Geelyda Cupcake Liners (Colorful Pick)

  • Key Features: Colorful design, extra-large pack, safe frozen up to 500F
  • Material: Paper
  • Pack of: 600
  • Reusable? No

Want to bring some fun to your cupcake liners? Looking for something playful, eye-catching, and unique? Then you might fall head over heels for the Geelyda Cupcake Liners.

These paper liners are exactly what you need to kick your party up a notch. The liners are decorated with thrilling, rainbow-like designs that capture attention instantly. Made with food-grade paper that’s safe frozen or up to 500F, you can feel confident with all of your baking projects.

With 600 cupcake liners per pack, you can bake tons of standard-sized cupcakes without missing out on all of the fun. They’re coated with an essential nonstick material, too, so guests can easily unwrap and enjoy the magic hiding inside. 

Super fun and overflowing with colors, these non-stick liners are bound to be a hit. Some people claimed that there was some leftover grease when they used these liners, but nothing so severe that it ruins the flavor, texture, or cupcake overall.

5. Caperci Standard Natural Cupcake Liners (Best Paper Pick)

  • Key Features: Natural, food-grade paper, neutral color for any occasion
  • Material: Paper
  • Pack of: 500
  • Reusable? No

The Caperci Standard liners take a minimalistic approach, but nobody’s upset about it. The fact that these cupcake liners are clean-cut and have a light brown shade means they will work well with any kind of cupcake you bake, from strawberry delights to silky double chocolate delicacies.

While they’re certainly simpler, they are constructed with quality in mind. Each liner is crafted with food-grade materials that won’t cause an odor or leak toxic materials into your cupcakes. 

The pack comes with an impressive 500 liners so that you won’t run out anytime soon. Use them for all of your parties all year long, and you won’t regret it. Did I mention these are nonstick and greaseproof? What more could you ask for!

These natural liners are great for any occasion. They’re relatively thin, though, so be careful when using them, or you might end up using more than one per cupcake!

6. Euosoar Foil Baking Cups (Best Liners with Lids)

  • Key Features: Comes with accompanying lids, many color options, food-grade aluminum
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Pack of: 50
  • Reusable? No

Are you making cupcakes for a party or for sale? Then you will appreciate the fact that these non-stick liners come equipped with lids, making them transferable right out of the cupcake tin.

The liners themselves are made with thick food-grade aluminum that helps the cupcakes keep their shape and stand up tall. The ultra-smooth surface makes it a breeze for the cupcakes to pop out when necessary, too, making this an excellent solution for cookies on the go.

The pack comes with 50 cupcake liners and lids, so you can bake and travel with plenty at a time. There’s an impressive amount of color options to suit your needs, too. Go with a perky pink or go mysterious with a “meteor shower” design.

While the lids are a big perk to this pack, some users had some difficulty with placing them on top of the cupcakes. It wasn’t a huge issue, and with some trial and error, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Best Nonstick Cupcake Liners: Things to Consider

I know you’re excited to rush out and whip up some cupcakes that don’t actually stick to the cupcake pan. But before you purchase, consider these imperative things.


There are three materials for cupcake liners: silicone, paper, and aluminum foil. Silicone will allow you to reuse the product, which is excellent for home bakers. Those taking a tray to a bake sale, or similar, should consider paper or foil as they’re disposable.


You can make cupcakes in three sizes: mini, standard, and jumbo. Most of these options come in “standard.” If you need a mini or jumbo, it’s essential to buy a product that suits your needs.

Amount Per Pack

Is this a one-time cooking gig, or do you plan on making a lot of cupcakes? While you don’t really need to worry about how many come in a reusable (silicone) pack, it will be important to know how many you’re buying with disposable materials.


Are you a baker that wants to let the cupcakes do the talking, or do you prefer colorful and fun liners? I have a little bit of everything on this list, from funky rainbows to exotic neons. There are also a few minimal and neutral liners for those that don’t want too much business.

Temperature Adaptability

Not all cupcake liners are created equally. While all of these liners can bake with cupcakes (400F+), some can bake at higher temperatures than others. Depending on your specific baking needs, you might prefer one that can withstand higher temps.


There are not a whole lot of “features” when it comes to cupcake liners, but that doesn’t mean they’re not present. For example, some products come with handy travel lids while others are dishwasher-safe. What’s important to you?


Any of these cupcake liners will ensure no stickiness in the end, so you can enjoy more cupcakes and less fuss. I ultimately recommend the Amazon Basics Reusable Silicone Baking Cups because they’re colorful, easy to use, and an overall convenient reusable liner that won’t disappoint.

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